Each day can bring you joy

Today I felt like trying something new. I went on morning walk, this is my regular routine, only today I decided to walk without putting my ear phones on. I decided to take my phone and put it on airplane mood.

The more I walked, the more present I felt. I took some stops since I walk with my dog and he loves to smell amongst other things.

While walking I was walking, I realized we can be used to looking down instead of forward or up. I was present enough where I noticed someone washing there car in my neighborhood and said good morning. Where he smiled, and replied back the same. It felt good to smile, to look around my surroundings. Sometimes I feel we can (myself included)get caught up on our phones, by listening to music, talking to someone, listening to a podcast, on social media, checking our emails etc. I realized I was multitasking and sometimes it’s best to do one thing at a time.

Anyway, I felt so much better after that walk. I noticed the beautiful sunrise, the new leaves growing into the trees, I saw a heart shaped leaf ( it made my day).

I will leave you with this, what is something you can try different today from your usual routine that can help you be more present? How about something that will bring you a little more joy today?

Sending you all love.

Have an amazing day.

Xx, Nancy Nunez

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